Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sharing the Practice -- Winter Contents

The Winter issue, the last of 2007, is in the mail. Here is a listing of the articles and reviews -- author, title, reviewer.

The focus of the articles in this issue is preaching.


  • Preaching Re-Imagined, Doug Pagitt 3
  • "Is There any Sorry Like My Sorry?" Jerry Gladson, APC 5
  • Paul Tillich as Preacher, Courtney Wilder, 8
  • Writing Our Way Home in Teaching, Preaching, and Soul Tending, Kent Groff, APC 11

  • John Killinger, Enter Every Trembling Heart, William Tuck, APC 20
  • John Killinger, God, the Devil, & Harry Potter, William Tuck, APC 20
  • John Killinger, Ten Things I Learned Wrong from a Conservative Church, William Tuck, FAPC 21
  • James Nieman and Thomas Rogers, Preaching to Every Pew, William Tuck, FAPC 21
  • Jon Meacham, American Gospel, Lawton Posey, FAPC 21
  • William Tuck, Christmas is for the Young, John McFarland, FAPC 22
  • Paul Kitley, The Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Donald Shilling, FAPC 22
  • John Eaton, Psalms for Life, John LaVoe, APC 23
  • Eric Elnes, Asphalt Jesus, Robert Cornwall, APC 24
  • Scott Thumman & Dave Travis, Beyond Mega-Church Myths, Robert Cornwall, APC 24
  • N.T. Wright, Paul, John LaVoe, APC 25
  • John Dominic Crossan, God and Empire, Robert Cornwall, APC 26
  • Marcus Borg & John Dominic Crossan, The First Christmas, Robert Cornwall, APC 27
  • Daniel Karslake, For the Bible Tells Me So, Robert Cornwall, APC 27
  • David Gibson, The Rule of Benedict, Robert Cornwall, APC 28
  • Timothy Carson, Your Calling as a Christian, Robert Cornwall, APC 29
  • Robert Stewart, Ed., Intelligent Design, Donald Shilling, FAPC 30
  • Peter Steinke, Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times, David Nash, FAPC 31
  • Beth Gaede, ed. When a Congregation is Betrayed, Paul Bauman, APC 31
  • Stephanie Spellers, Radical Welcome, Robert Cornwall, APC 32

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